Landsberg am Lech

The town of Landsberg on the banks of the Lech River can reflect on an eventful history, which is based not least on its strategically favourable location. When the Roman Emperor Claudius built the Via Claudia Augusta military and trade route in 46 AD, it was the most important connection from Italy across the Alps to Augsburg. The Via Claudia ran along the Lech, and historical finds prove that the Romans also stayed in Landsberg.
The town also played an important role in the Middle Ages with its position on the salt route. The location on the trade route also brought the town economic advantages, such as the levying of salt duties. Even today, Landsberg is located at an important traffic junction. Here, where the Munich-Lindau and Augsburg-Füssen traffic arteries cross, it is worth getting off the motorway.

Landsberg: the treasure chest of Upper Bavaria

It is not for nothing that Landsberg am Lech is known as the "Upper Bavarian Rothenburg". With its imposing old town setting, the impressive Lech weir and the numerous churches, towers and gates, the town provides a fascinating insight into times long past.
There are several historical gems to admire in the town centre: the historic town hall with its 18th century façade, the Gothic “Bayertor” (1425), the New Town Museum (1693), the parish church of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary “Maria Himmelfahrt” (15th century) and the Church of the Holy Cross “Heilig-Kreuz” (18th century).

Also impressive are the Herkomer Museum with its mother tower “Mutterturm” from 1884, designed by the artist Sir Hubert Herkomer himself, and “Johannis” church, which is rather unassuming from the outside and houses a unique high altar designed by Dominikus Zimmermann.

Where city stroll and nature oasis meet

If you need a break on your walk through the city, cosy cafés and quaint inns with a variety of culinary delights await you. From exotic to traditional Bavarian and Swabian fare, there is something for every taste. While strolling through town, you can do some wonderful shopping in small shops and boutiques, because handmade chocolates, exquisite tobacco products and exclusive fashions show Landsberg's craftsmanship at its best.
Only five minutes away from the main square is a local recreation area. The “Lechpark Pössinger Au” is a green oasis where you can discover rare plants as well as wildlife. Located directly on the banks of the Lech is the “Inselbad”, an open-air swimming pool for all generations, which is a special attraction in summer with its wave pool and free-fall slide.

Landsberg in festive garb

In addition to the distinctive architectural setting, various festivities and events also attract many visitors to Landsberg every year. For example, the Olympia Filmtheater is not only the venue for open-air cinema in summer, but also one of the cinemas that show the productions for the Snowdance Independent Film Festival in January. During the Christmas season, the Christmas market takes place in the old town around the main square. You can discover these and other exciting events in the events calendar.

City tours in Landsberg

True stories, funny anecdotes, told charmingly and with a twinkle in the eye - that's what awaits you on a guided tour of Landsberg's impressive old town. On your tour through the town, you will walk through medieval alleyways, take a look at historic homes and admire baroque churches.

A maximum of 30 people can take part in a guided tour. The duration is either 90 or 120 minutes, depending on the extent of the tour. The programme also includes guided tours in foreign languages and accompaniment in historical costumes.

Explore Landsberg by night with torches and torches and be enchanted by the view of the illuminated old town from the “Jungfernsprungturm” tower. Follow in the footsteps of Landsberg's citizens, councillors, master builders and nuns. Or get to know places in the surrounding area, such as the bunkers of the “Welfenkaserne” or the “Teufelsküche” (Devil's Kitchen).

You can find all information about current dates and prices for city tours on the website of the city of Landsberg.

For more information about the Ammersee, visit the website of the Ammersee-Lech Tourism Association.