The Ammersee

Lake Ammersee in Upper Bavaria is the third largest lake in Bavaria after Lake Chiemsee and Lake Starnberg. With its excellent location about 50 km south of Augsburg and Munich, it is a popular local recreational destination. Holidaymakers appreciate the wide range of sporting and cultural activities, as well as the beautiful nature of the Bavarian foothills of the Alps.

Ammersee a Natural Paradise

Three nature reserves make the Ammersee one of the seven most important wetlands in Bavaria, which is also of international importance. The "Seeholz" nature reserve in the west of the lake is the home of a very old deciduous forest with oaks, some of them are over 350 years old. Whoever wanders through nature with attentive eyes can also spot rare birds in the north of the Ammersee. About 200 different bird species are native to the "Ampermoos" nature reserve.

Oasis for vacationers and locals

In the past, artists from the nearby big cities came to the lake and were inspired by the impressive landscape. Today, Lake Ammersee is a popular vacation destination for families, individualists and anyone who longs for peace and quiet in nature, in addition to a rich sporting and cultural offering . Since the lake is a popular recreation area for people from Munich and Augsburg, it is worthwhile to avoid the car when traveling here and instead arrive comfortably with the “Ammerseebahn” from Augsburg or the “S-Bahn” from Munich

For more information about the Ammersee, visit the website of the Ammersee-Lech Tourism Association.

Ammersee data

Height above the sea level 532,9 m
Size of the area 46,6 km²
Length 15,175 km
Width 5,35 km
Volume 1,750.01 million m³
Circumference 43 km
Maximum depth 81,1 m
Average depth 37,5 m